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Rabbit's Wit

The story is a creative retelling of Rumi's Lion and the Beast. Stories that inspire kids to think differently and overcome challenges are a treasure. Rabbit's Wit tells the story of a beast that invades a village and steals their harvest. A young rabbit devises a clever plan to save his village and succeeds. Parents beware -- the beast is scary, but life can be scary at times. Overcoming the scary bits makes us stronger and more confident.

I genuinely hope you enjoy the story. If you do, please tell your friends and leave a positive review. Of course, if you are not thrilled by the story, perhaps you will like the next one, Bird's Wisdom, also based on a Rumi tale.



I hope to find folktales from the middle east and bring them to life with colorful illustrations and simple narration. On some level, the stories are an extension of my values and my quest to find simple and delightful ways to solve problems.

The name numyum was inspired by "birdie num num," a line in an old Peter Sellers' movie. Along the way, numnum somehow became numyum. It represents one of my simple pleasures - tossing crumbs to birds. I am frequently reprimanded for doing it at outdoor restaurants, parks, and Europe in general.


My name is Mustafa Alami. I live in Sausalito, California with my energetic son, lovely wife, and wise father. During the day, I design software experiences. In my free time, I like to sketch, paint, and ride my bicycle. More about my professional work can be found at